Plan your event in the 21st century!

The app that helps you plan and share special events.


A simple elegant solution for all of your events.

All of the important stuff with none of the bloat

Privacy for all

Designed with privacy in mind. We do not store contact info on our servers; we do not store GPS location on the servers.

Share what you want

Users control the privacy of each individual post.

Create different events

Personal parties and business events.. Everything at your fingertips.


Real time notifications when people are posting photos or arriving at an event.

A feed dedicated to your events

Share photos, postcards and you choose who gets to seem them.

Public and private feeds

All major browsers are supported including Internet Explorer. Send it to your best friends and your grandma.

Your events are under your control

Users can set an automatic deletion of their event and its timeline/photos.

Organize the event the way that you want.

So many ways to make your event a success

As specific as you need it

Potluck? Ask for Items. Pet Friendly? Let them know. The list goes on.

Share events quickly

Use QR codes to quickly share events.

See the status of party goers

Allow users to set their status and tell you how close they are.

Try it today!

Built in New York

That means it’s awesome.